• The diagnostic division is equipped with X-RAY DEPARTMENT with the latest state of the art technology X-ray machines from Toshiba, Japan with a triple filed I.I.T.V. (Image Intensifier TV) having automatic exposure control and two mobile C-arm with double monitor and image memory, High power portable X-ray for bedside-imaging etc. The I.I.T.V. X-ray is connected with close circuit TV to Radiologist’s rooms for comfort viewing of the patients’ findings. The X-ray rooms are planned according to international standards with Lead Glass for vision and for safety the doors of the rooms are designed with lead sheets to prevent the outside environment from radiation hazards
  • The DIGITAL X-RAY Unit has been installed which is first in this part of the country. It gives far better view of the radiographs and print outs are taken on LASER films that gives very sharp images for better tissue differentiation. It is also equipped with remote sensing Digital xray unit.

magnetic resonance imaging

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A superconductive 1.5 tesla NEXT GENERATION MRI machine with High image quality, Quiet, Comfortable scanning environment
  • Spiral CT Scan: The first of its kind in entire upper Assam. Compared to the conventional CT, the spiral CT is much more superior for its easy operability, Superior image quality and precise imaging of the areas, which are difficult to be examined by the conventional CT.
  • 64 Slice CT Scan: This machine is being installed. The patient suffering from heart problems shall be benefitted as Coronary Angiography facility shall be available. Other advanced angiography of different parts are done.
  • Digital Mammography: first of its kind in this part. The images are taken on special digital sensor cassettes and processed digitally to give superior images for early detection of breast diseases and breast cancer.
  • Whole Body bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD): The only machine in this part of the country. It helps in predicting for impending fractures etc. Gradual improvement by therapy can be accessed from time to time.
  • Digital Orthopantogram (OPQ) for Dental X Rays: Aditya Diagnostics & Hospitals is the only hospital in this part of the country to have facility for OPG for Dental X Rays.PACS system is installed and are connected with different centres by dedicatewd Broadband.