This hospital offers a wide range of accommodation facility to the patients. There are General Beds, Private Cabins, Semi Deluxe Cabins Deluxe Cabins, AC Deluxe Cabins and Executive Suits. Apart from this the hospital provides a General (Economy) Ward for poor patients.

This hospital also has 15 beds earmarked for offering free treatment to the patients who are below poverty line (BPL).

This hospital has the biggest Intensive Care Unit in Upper Assam, where there are four segments, Intensive Cardiac Care Unit (ICCU), Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for Neurosurgery cases, Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) and High Dependency Unit (HDU). Running water and hot water facilities along with clean drinking water through UV sterilized drinking water dispenser and Cable TV connections are provided to all parts of the hospital. All rooms are connected through Intercom facility through hospital EPBX.

OPD Service

Regular Out Patient Department Service is provided by experienced specialists/consultants of almost all specialties. We arrange the visits by renowned super-specialists from within and outside the state of Assam to provide best possible diagnostic evaluation and treatment for our patients, so that no extra expenses are made for travel outside the state for consultations and treatments.

Surgery & Operation Theatres

This hospital possesses 6 numbers of Operation Theatres fully equipped with latest equipments, monitoring system and ventilators for facilitating Laparoscopic Surgery, General Surgery, Orthopaedic, Paediatric & Gynaecological Operations, Hi Tech Microscopes for Plastic, Eye & ENT Surgeries, Hi Tech Neurosurgery O.T. with Microscope attached CCTV, pneumatic drills and most sophisticated Anaesthesia machines with hypoxic guard, halothene and isoflourane vaporizers, ventilators with both adult and paediatric attachments, multiparameter life scopes including invasive blood pressure and Blood Gas Analyser. The Operation Theatres have an attached recovery room with all necessary gadgets and attending doctor and nurses to take care of the patients in the immediate post-operative period. The OT complex is fully Air Conditioned with Central Oxygen supply, Nitrous Oxide supply and Vacuum for suction. We have developed laminar flow and exhaust with filters. Separate rest rooms for doctors and nurses are provided inside the OT Complex to take rest between operations. All gadgets are put on Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) System. OTs are disinfected by Ultraviolate Lights.

Aditya Diagnostics & Hospitals has also added Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator (CUSA) for surgeries of Brain Tumour and Liver Cancer cases.

Emergency & Critical Care

This hospital has a “CASUALTY DEPARTMENT FOR 24 HOURS EMERGENCY” services manned by highly experienced Neurosurgeons, Orthoapedic Surgeons, Anaesthetisian and Doctors traines for ICU Management.

This hospital has a full fledged ‘Neurosurgery Unit’ and ‘Neurology Unit’ with OPD facility, operative facility and ICU for Neurosurgery cases with modern vantilators, bed-side multiparameter cardiac monitors for critically sick patients, patients suffering from strokes, head injuries and post-operative neuro-surgery patients.

An ‘Intensive Cardiac Care Unit’ is ready to cater to the critically sick patients with heart problems. Successful implantation of of temporary as well as permanent pacemakers is done in this hospital. The ICCU has the most modern monitoring system from Hewlett Packard with bedside ECG, Pulse Oxymeter, Invasive as well as Non Invesive Pressure Monitoring, Electrolytes and Blood Gases, IntracranialPressure Monitoring (ICP) etc. The ICCU is also equipped with portable monitors, ventilators and pulse oxymeters to monitor the patients’ reight from their arrival at the CASUALTY to the Wards or Operation Theatre. The ICCU is also equipped with Blood Gas Analyser (AVG) for instantaneous bedside blood tests that give results in less than 2 minutes. This ensures rapidity and accuracy of initial and follows –up blood picture of critically sick patients.

The Central Monitoring System has facilities of recording and keeping in memory of various ECG and other events for a careful and leisurely analysis at a later stage. The various types of inbuilt alarms caution the ICCU staff about the condition of the patient.

Above all, qualified and trained doctors and anaesthasist mans the ICCU. With all these facilities, we ensure the best possible care to those who need it most. The ‘High Dependancy Unit’ and the ‘Intensive Therapy Unit’ caters to the needs of the most critical patients by trained and experienced doctors. All these units possess central supply of O2 through pipeline and vacuuam connection for suction.

Blood Bank

A fully operational blood bank in this hospital caters to the needs of patients in case of requirement for blood infusion.

Opthalmological Unit

The EYE CARE DIVISION is equipped with Operational Microscope from Carl Zeiss (Germany) and Phacoemulsification System (Alcon – USA) for revolutionery sutureless cataract surgery with Intraocular Lens Implantation (IOL). This Division has a full time Opthalmologist with basic eye care facilities, such as, Auro-Refractometry (Tomey-Japan), Sit Lamp Biomicrosopy, Indirect Opthalmoscopy and other emergency services. Recently advanced FUNDUS CAMERA, OCT and many other equipments are installed for advanced studies related to eye. An advanced Ophthalmology Unit is in pipeline and will be started with six months.

Modern Neonatology Intensive Care Unit

This unique Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit for very critical babies is one of the most sophisticated units of this kind in India and has the state-of-the-art equipments. This unit is equipped with Microprocessor Controlled Incubators, Multiparameter Monitors, Precision Infant Warmers, Photo Therapy Equipment, Accurate Fluid and O2 Delivery System, Ventilators, Sufactant Therapy, etc. A highly trained and experienced team of Paeditricians, Technicians and Nurses mans this unit. 1:1 nursing care is made available for round the clock monitoring of the sick babies.

Obstetric Unit

A well-equipped Obstetrics Unit is available for high-risk pregnancy with provision for modern intensive care. Two separate Operation Theatres are provided along with a well equipped Labour Room is provided to this unit.

Gynaecological Surgery Unit

The modern Gynaecological Surgery Unit of this hospital facilitates Laparoscopy, Colposcopy, Uterine Balloon Therapy & Harmonic Scalpal for bloodless surgery.

Modern Infertility Clinic

This is one of the most modern infertility units in Upper Assam. This clinic has the latest technology for assisted reproduction with state-of-the-art equipments, such as, IUI, IVF, ICSI, Semen Bank and Cryopreservation.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center

We have a full-fledged physiotherapy unit with most sophisticated instruments. This unit is under the supervision of Dr. Srikant Sikatia, Masters in Physio Therapy and experienced physiotherapist to assist the patients in their convalescence and rehabilitation. This is very helpful in early recovery of orthopaedic patients, stroke patients and post-neurosurgery patients, Cardiology and Respiratory disease patients. Bedside physiotherapy has its own place in early recovery and ambulation of critically sick and bed-ridden patients.It is equipped latest laser technology.

Power Supply

There is 500 KVA and 250KVA transformer connected to the ASEB lines. There are three heavy-duty generators with high capacity to meet the power supply during power failures. Most critical areas of the hospital have their own back-up power supplies through Inverters.

Solar Water Heating System

For the first time in Assam, a 2000LPD Solar Water Heating System has been installed in this hospital. The Deputy Commissioner of Dibrugarh on 20.09.2008 inaugurated this system. The primary objective for installation of this system is to make a small contribution for saving the environment as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and at the same time saving the precious electricity. A Solar Water Heating System of 2000LPD can prevent emission of 30 Tons of carbon dioxide per year.


There is a large elevator (lift) with a capacity to accommodate 20 persons to take the patients upstairs or vice versa. A patient’s bed-trolley can be directly accommodated in this elevator.

24 hours pharmacy

There is a pharmacy within the premises of the hospital to cater to the needs of the patients. This pharmacy stocks all types of medicines including emergency drugs and serves the patients round the clock.


There is a Canteen with a capacity to accommodate 60 persons at a time within the premises of the hospital. All safety measures have been taken for supply of nutritious and hygienic food to the patients and their attendants and others visiting this hospital. This canteen offers Room Services too.


A branch of Syndicate Bank is situated within the hospital premises. This bank is known as the Syndicate Bank, Aditya Hospital Branch, Dibrugarh. This bank offers banking facilities to the patients and others at their doorsteps.

Car Parking

We have an excellent car parking facility within the hospital complex itself. There is also a shed for two-wheelers and the wide private road in front of the hospital also accommodates parking of cars.

There is space for fifty cars and fifty bikes.

Basements car parking facilities are also available in newly constructed building.


Another important addition to the hospital facilities is the Critical Care Ambulance to transfer critically ill patients. A fully Air conditioned Ambulance with Monitor and facilities carry the most critical patients.

Sewage Disposal

We have ensured that we do not add to the environmental pollution by having an Effluent Treatment Plant and disposal of the bio medical waste generated by this hospital is disposed of at the Incinerator installed in the hospital premises. The Dibrugarh Municipality Board regularly clears the other non-infectious garbage from the hospital premises.

CCTV Surveillance and Fire Fighting

Every nook and corner of the hospital is under CCTV surveillance which is connected online and can be accessed from any part of the world. Entire hospital is connected with a network of smoke and Heat sensors with Fire alarms. Fire extinguishers and water supply system is installed to face any accident. From time to time MOCK DRILL and training of the staff by Fire Department is done.

Pests Control

Mosquito repellants and in house sprays are done regularly. Regular fogging of the outside Environment is done with proper equipments.

S.D. Sahewalla Memorial School of Nursing

A charitable trust “S. D. Sahewalla Foundation” was registered under the Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme of Aditya Diagnostics & Hospitals, Dibrugarh to promote education, culture, trade & business, tourism, etc. in this part of the country.

The first endevour of this Foundation towards promotion of education is the establishment of “S. D. Sahewalla Memorial School of Nursing” with the premises of Aditya Diagnostics & Hospitals. The Nursing Council of India as well as the State Nursing Council of Assam have accorded due permission to start this school. There are three batched of students pursuing the 3-½ years G.N.M. Course. We have future plan for Nursing College and paramedical institute for which necessary no objection is obtained by Govt. of Assam.

Post Graduate Course (DNB Medicine)

Aditya hospital is recognized by National Board Examination (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi) for imparting Post Graduate Training in General Medicine. Every year two students are admitted who are selected by All India Entrance and Counselling.

Post Graduate Certificate Course in Diabetes

Our hospital is recognized by RSSDI for imparting certificate training in Diabetes.


We have two full fledged libraries with recent edition of books and Journals. One for the nursing students and another for the Post Graduate students. Regular seminars and case discussions are done.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have low cost wards as well as free beds for poor patients. From time to time we do health and awareness camps in villages. Interschool quiz, Financial assistance to sportsman, discount for senior citizens etc are provided.

Sports, Literary and Cultural Activities

We encourage sports and literary activities amongst our staff. We publish a Souvenir every year Where writings are included. From time to time cultural activities are performed with special stress on Assamese dances and other Indian dances.

We are also under process for NABH accreditation.