The Division is Equipped with

  • Fully Automatic Computerized Ananlyzer
  • Fully Automatic Blood Cell Counter
  • Fully Automatic Coagulomater for a Complete Coagulation Profile
  • Parlens Malaria and Hemato-Parasite Detection System Using Immunofluorescence
  • Chemi-Luminescence-Immuno-Assay
  • Fully Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Elisa Reader For Infectious Diseases
  • Enzyme Linked Immunofluorscent Assay
  • Vidus for Hormone and viral marlker essay
  • HPLC for Haemoglobin typing
  • Sebia for abnormal protein and haemoglobin detection
  • Blood Gas Analyser
  • Automated Computerised Bacteriology Unit
  • Latest machine from Roche for hormone analysis and vitamin estimation