This hospital has a “CASUALTY DEPARTMENT FOR 24 HOURS EMERGENCY” services manned by highly experienced Neurosurgeons, Orthoapedic Surgeons, Anaesthetisian and Doctors traines for ICU Management.

This hospital has a full fledged ‘Neurosurgery Unit’ and ‘Neurology Unit’ with OPD facility, operative facility and ICU for Neurosurgery cases with modern vantilators, bed-side multiparameter cardiac monitors for critically sick patients, patients suffering from strokes, head injuries and post-operative neuro-surgery patients.

An ‘Intensive Cardiac Care Unit’ is ready to cater to the critically sick patients with heart problems. Successful implantation of of temporary as well as permanent pacemakers is done in this hospital. The ICCU has the most modern monitoring system from Hewlett Packard with bedside ECG, Pulse Oxymeter, Invasive as well as Non Invesive Pressure Monitoring, Electrolytes and Blood Gases, IntracranialPressure Monitoring (ICP) etc.

The ICCU is also equipped with portable monitors, ventilators and pulse oxymeters to monitor the patients’ reight from their arrival at the CASUALTY to the Wards or Operation Theatre. The ICCU is also equipped with Blood Gas Analyser (AVG) for instantaneous bedside blood tests that give results in less than 2 minutes. This ensures rapidity and accuracy of initial and follows –up blood picture of critically sick patients.

The Central Monitoring System has facilities of recording and keeping in memory of various ECG and other events for a careful and leisurely analysis at a later stage. The various types of inbuilt alarms caution the ICCU staff about the condition of the patient.
Above all, qualified and trained doctors and anaesthasist mans the ICCU. With all these facilities, we ensure the best possible care to those who need it most.

The ‘High Dependancy Unit’ and the ‘Intensive Therapy Unit’ caters to the needs of the most critical patients by trained and experienced doctors.
All these units possess central supply of O2 through pipeline and vacuuam connection for suction.

A fully operational blood bank in this hospital caters to the needs of patients in case of requirement for blood infusion.

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